Research Progression

The Cardiff School of Health Sciences have responded to my email regarding my project, they’ve advised that I get in touch with the programme manager and the professional head of midwifery which I have since done. I’ve also contacted BackCare who did a publication highlighting the issue if back injuries suffered by health care practitioners. I was told to email them again and they’ll forward it to their chairman so fingers crossed I manage to get them on board as a supporter / sponsor. I’ve had no contact from either of the back specialists I’ve contacted who are based in Cardiff but have found some great reading material on the topic.

Ethics will need to be sorted out before the next committee meeting that happens on the 7th of November. Scenario user testing will be used for this project and I’m going to see about the scenarios that midwives do with fake (dummy) patients as this would hopefully be allowed.

The survey is getting more responses now as I managed to find a midwifery facebook group based in the UK that has midwives who have worked in the NHS on who are willing to compete the survey. Assisting mothers with breastfeeding is actually overtaking the manual handling option as suspected. My sister is also going to put me in touch with a midwife breasting feeding specialist who taught her while she was at Cardiff University studying midwifery.



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